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Project & Team organization, managment, and prioritizing


Project & Team organization, managment, and prioritizing
--How should the team be organized?
Type set to task: We need to figure this out.
Impact set to high: Team organization shapes this project, and we need to figure this out once we are all organized.
form niwradsoft
-I believe than the projects they must take a degree
For my right now part in agreement with XPero that I will go for modifying XPize code in order that he be compatible with NSIS 2.38
And the improvements that I propose for the moment and I can do for this code 4.6 is:
  • Compatibility
  • Multilanguaje Support
  • InstallerSystemFiles*.nsi and UninstallerSystemFiles*.nsi in one file (In a Macro)
  • XPize 4.. - Source Full and Lite in an alone code.
  • various improvements
    from ChrisKuhli-- - Should it be a team of several people working with the sources we now have?
    from W3bbo-- I don't think the project needs a "team" of developers; just one or two would do just fine (too many chefs spoil the soup, so to speak) as it is just a utility program. Personally, I'd like to see the project written in C/C++ since it reduces dependencies on .NET, but I'm easy either way and I think the pragmatic choice is continuing with the current code base (so long as it is a spaghetti pile of anonymous methods, delegates, and fails FxCop spectacularly) ...
    from doomangel-- I've working in a project based on vize code for a month now and what i have done is some minor changes or additions to the codebase. i don't think the code needs improvement, if we could create a team our main goal should be to discover all the non vista or non xp icons and replace the resources.
    from Zoom7000-- Also, I personally think it would be a good idea to try to get either peyronnx or zedox on the project because they have already worked on their own versions and their experience would be of great benefit.
Closed Jan 31, 2009 at 2:29 PM by W3bbo
The reorganisation was completed in August, the new codebase was released in early 2009, and everything's fine and dandy