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XPize & Vize: Find classical, 9x-esque resources


XPize & Vize: Find classical, 9x-esque resources
Type set to task: We need people to find and search out the classical styled icons found in XP and Vista.
Impact set to high: This issue is what the XPize and Vize programs are about. We get rid of the old and bring more uniformity by introducing our new.
from Innocent Devil--
-Better to split the tasks to accomplish 1. finding Classic Resources in XP/Vista
-finding classic resources is not a problem with board like MSFN with huge userbase
--------response from ricktendo64: Now that! I can help with
Closed Jan 31, 2009 at 2:30 PM by W3bbo
By XPize 4.7 pretty much all of the old resources had been covered. Now we're getting more Vista resources in XP (thanks to WMP11 and MSTSC6). I'll post an official "call for sightings" later in February.