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XPize & Vize- Organize the code and make proper edits


XPize & Vize- Organize the code and make proper edits
Type set to task: We need some people to work on the code, edit out redundancies, and organize it/ add to it.
Impact set to high: This is what makes the program come all together. It is what makes XPize and Vize easy to use and friendly. That is what makes the program or breaks it (literally).
from ChrisKuhli-- - Want we support the older code branch (See sourcecode of the older XPize/ the XIS)?
from doomangel-- I've working in a project based on vize code for a month now and what i have done is some minor changes or additions to the codebase. i don't think the code needs improvement, if we could create a team our main goal should be to discover all the non vista or non xp icons and replace the resources.
from W3bbo--
-I'd also love to code in support for XP x64 and first-class support for XP SP3. ;;;; When/if I get the time, I'd love to port it over to Windows XP x64 (which I'll be migrating to in September) and add in proper x86 SP3 support.
-Well I'd like to combine everything XPize-related into a single project and installer. Right now I install 3.2 first then the 4.7 Beta so I get all the themes and stuff between them. The new installer should have everything in it and let users choose between variations on XPize (e.g. the MCE-styled blue one we've come to love or the black one, etc...), with previews, of course.
-A lot of the content in each archive is duplicated. I'll sort through it later today to remove the cruft and form a single project. I'll then consult XPero on the general architecture (he's on my messenger list), before uploading it all to CodePlex. We can then collaborate with a TFS client (there's one for VS Express, so don't worry if you don't have the full thing).
from Innocent Devil-- I personally prefer the new .NET code of XPize/Vize (though I dunno C#, any way)
it is simple for the User to do th THING ;; sombody knows C# should take care of the coding department
Closed Jan 31, 2009 at 2:24 PM by W3bbo
Seeming as the code was rewritten from scratch, this issue is now moot.


Damian666 wrote Aug 2, 2008 at 9:05 AM

well, personally... i hate c or c+.
but thats whats it is written in so... to bad its not autoit, that i know :D

do we even have anybody in the team that knows c? except XPero ofcourse.


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