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Vize: Compatibility issue with Stardock


Vize: Compatibility issue with Stardock
Type set to Issue: A compatibility bug involving icon and resource conflicts.
Impact set to ?Medium?: Stardock includes its own Icon replacement things; best thing to do is to advise not recommending Vize with Stardock
Various reviews of Vize from point out NOT to use Vize if Stardock's installed.
Quote from W3bbo:
probably; Stardock's software does voodoo things with Windows
often with a kernel or usermode driver; Microsoft does not encourage use of Stardock, but they do tolerate it
besides, Stardock make their own icon/resource-swapping program
I think it's better to just be dogmatic: "XPize is not compatible with Stardock's software, period"
Closed Jan 31, 2009 at 2:20 PM by W3bbo
I'm closing this issue. Vize shouldn't be incompatible with most Stardock software except for Stardock's Icon Package program, but even then there shouldn't be too many problems.