MSStyles editing at the level of Ave's Vista Style builder (a little side thing; improvement/ feature suggestion)


Heya guys!! I just ran into this: http://vistastylebuilder.com/index.html
This isn't really shell patcher, but could be a possible extension to the Resourcer: more possibilities and features for MSStyles editing.


Here is the link for screenshots: http://vistastylebuilder.com/screenshots.html and here's the posted feature set:
* Create, Modify and Save Custom MsStyle files for Vista
* No more .mui files needed
* AutoFix Alpha Channels with PNGs
* Control all theme properties
* Make changes to the STREAM images like normal image edits
* Test your Visual Style with one Click
Requirements and others
* VistaStyleBuilder will only run on Windows Vista
* MsStyles created with Vista Style Builder can only run on a Vista pc with theming enabled and with a so-called patched UxTheme file.
* Editing the ShellFile is not supported at the moment, this might come in a future release.
* Once you buy it, future updates will be free! 
Before Purchasing (License Agreement)
* Keys are only valid for ONE person: when a key is being shared between people or is available online, the key will be revoked and will no longer be valid to run future updates of VistaStyleBuilder. The payment made for the key will NOT be refunded.
* Any possible damages that might occur from running VistaStyleBuilder, including loss of work due to crashes, cannot be claimed on the author. In other words: you run this software completely on own risk.
* There is no support given on creating skins in VistaStyleBuilder. Of course, bug-reports are always tried to be solved. Problems or "How do I do"-questions regarding Visual Styles are not answered.


I realize that Ave's Style Builder is not open source, but this does look like a really interesting program that we can add its features onto and extend Resourcer.
Of course, this should be an undertaking once the main Resourcer program and Shell Patcher is finished ;) ..


BlackDogSpark wrote Oct 22, 2009 at 11:17 PM

This would be nice. I would actually start programming this kind off app for windwos 7. but the first thing that stops me is the fact that I dont know how to use specific theme. I did find several examples for xp.

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 8:13 PM